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Who We Are

Before we tell you about who we are, we want to tell you about who they are… By they we mean young people -many of whom are misunderstood, unknown, overlooked or disregarded throughout our gigantic area.

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 young people on our planet, live somewhere within Asia Pacific? That’s roughly 2 billion people. Each and everyone of those young people has a story to tell and is on a journey. The vast majority live in poverty. Many have been born into religion, but few have encountered Jesus.

What if someone made it their mission to try to engage all 2 billion young people? To hear their story, and walk alongside them on their journey? What if, while listening and walking, they were able to share and even introduce Jesus to each of those young people? Just a far out dream? Possibly. But that’s our dream!

We, in Youth for Christ Asia Pacific, are passionate about 2 things – God and young people! We may be small (743 staff to be precise). We may even have few resources (16,795 volunteers at the last count).  We know we have an overwhelming area (57 nations of which we are only present in 24, so not even half) – but we have a very big vision, and a very big God, with whom all things are possible.

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